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Roseau is the capital of which country?
Answer:  Check»

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  • During the Cold War, which country owned the missiles in Cuba that were aimed at the U.S.?Answer »

    A green muppet, one of puppeteer Jim Henson's most famous creations, first introduced in 1955.Answer »
  • the smallest province in Canada is also an island on the east coast: its "Prince __________Island."Answer »

    How many countries border San Marino?Answer »
  • Who was the first woman elected to the British Parliament?Answer »

    During how many days was Jesus tempted while in the wilderness?Answer »
  • An "auk" is a kind of: ~~tool~~ship~~bird~~snakeAnswer »

    What is the latin name for a Barn Owl?Answer »
  • What is the largest country in Africa?Answer »

    The lead singer of Coldplay married which famous actress in 2003?Answer »
  • In the 1980s War in Afghanistan, which attack helicopter was proven too slow to evade the Afghan rebels' (Mujahideen) Stinger missiles?Answer »

    In a U.S. keyboard, which letter appear to the right of "g"?Answer »
  • Which is longer, a mile or a nautical mile ?Answer »

    What country was Sibelius from?Answer »
  • In the USA if you were given a quarter, a penny, 2 dimes and a nickel, how many cents would you have in total?Answer »

    Which group recorded these hits: "Goodbye Stranger", "The Logical Song", "Give a Little Bit" ?Answer »
  • What are the little tails that propel cells (like sperm cells) through their environment called? Answer »

    Which venomous females sometimes kill and eat their counterparts after mating?Answer »
  • What's Run of Run-DMC's real name?Answer »

    From which country did the United States purchase Alaska?Answer »
  • What kind of rock are the "White Cliffs Of Dover" made of ?Answer »

    What outfit launched its web empire in 1995 with the online sale of a Douglas Hofstadter book on artificial intelligence?Answer »
  • Who wrote "Waiting for Godot "?Answer »

    The word "ja" (pronounced "yah") is used in all Scandinavian countries, but what does it mean?Answer »
  • What is the capital city of Belize?Answer »

    Who was second to Thatcher in the Tory leadership battle in 1975?Answer »
  • Max Scmeling, Ezzard Charles and Rocky Marciano were the only 3 men to beat which heavyweight boxer?Answer »

    Who had an 80sNo 1 with You Keep Me Hangin' On?Answer »
  • What slimy video game has bad guys named Professor Monkey-for-a-Head, Evil the Cat from Heck and Bob, the Killer Goldfish?Answer »

    Where was the 2006 Soccer World Cup final played?Answer »
  • What form of ebola is lethal to monkeys but not humans?Answer »

    What was the name of Britney Spears' comeback single in 2007?Answer »
  • Who wrote the booker prize winning novel "The Bone People"?Answer »

    Daffy is a term most commonly used in which sport?Answer »
  • Who discovered the Grand Canyon ?Answer »

    In "The Silence of the Lambs", where was Starling from?Answer »
  • How many signs are there in Western Astrology?Answer »

    How many lines in a sonnet ?Answer »
  • What did the sign above Jesus' cross read?Answer »

    Who don't stand a chance according to a Vampire Weekend song title?Answer »
  • Who is Masjid al Guweisi?Answer »

    Two Scientists died when a poison ball broke on the floor in the which James Bond movie?Answer »

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