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A very thick spicy Italian tranditional sausage, usually flavoured with garlic?
Answer:  Check»

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  • In 1946 the ENIAC was built; it was the world's 1st fully electonic ________________ ?Answer »

    1950's TV lovable hobo called Clem Kadiddlehopper was played by which comedian ?Answer »
  • Who created the popular indie game Minecraft?Answer »

    Name the mountain culminating at about 4 810m, located between Italy and France and is the highest mountain in Western EuropeAnswer »
  • Who was signed to Nike's first $100 million, five-year contract?Answer »

    Which animals are a favourite of investigator Jemima Shore?Answer »
  • In what Scandinavian country can you find geysers?Answer »

    What needs to be done to a block of cheese before putting it on a pizza?Answer »
  • Which famous prime minister wrote "The History of the English Speaking Peoples?"Answer »

    What is the capital of Ecuador?Answer »
  • Prince makes his star debut in this movie, which also produced an album with the same title. Answer »

    In which year was the resurrection of the Scottish Parliament? Answer »
  • who was the number one NFL draft pick for the 2011-2012 season?Answer »

    Who wrote "The Feminine Mystique"?Answer »
  • Cordelia is the favorite daughter of which Shakespearean character ?Answer »

    In which Scottish City would you find Sauchiehall Street?Answer »
  • On the show "Smallville", who said "The truth is, I'd do anything to protect my friends"?Answer »

    What is the number for the Roman numeral XC?Answer »
  • What is the capital of Turkey ?Answer »

    What vehicles race in the Indianapolis 500?Answer »
  • This artist created the "Dragon Ball" franchise, writing the manga.Answer »

    What is the collective name for the first four books in the New Testament of the Bible?Answer »
  • Which hatha yoga position do you make and upsidedown V shape with your body, hands and feet on the floor with your bum in the air and head tucked in?Answer »

    Which composer was born in Eisenach in 1685 and died in Leipzig in 1750 ?Answer »
  • What physical property is measured in "Amperes"?Answer »

    In which country would you find the Patagonian Desert?Answer »
  • What is the thinnest form of straight pasta commonly available?Answer »

    The song "Change The World" was recorded by what band or artist?Answer »
  • Which american actor wore nothing but black for the last 45 years of his life ?Answer »

    What is the world's tallest active volcano called?Answer »
  • Jamaica is closest to which state in the U.S.?Answer »

    What color do you get by mixing blue and red?Answer »
  • Who worked with Duffy in a 2008 remix of the song "Mercy"?Answer »

    Unusual Movie titles [Mexico 1992]: "Like Water for ___________" ? Answer »
  • Who wrote, directed and starred in "Citizen Kane" ?Answer »

    Orangina is a common beverage in which country?Answer »
  • Which Ancient British priests were associated with mistletoe?Answer »

    A Christmas Game from the victorian era.Answer »
  • What animal(s) do you study if you are a hippologist ?Answer »

    venus is the only planet that rotates in this direction?Answer »
  • Who was John Wayne?Answer »

    What unit of electrical power is equal to one joule per second?Answer »

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