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Which English comedian, born 1927, is famous for saying, 'How tickled I am'?
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  • Of what is this a description "....gravity is strong enough to prevent all matter and radiation, including light, from escaping"?Answer »

    In what year did judo become an Olympic sport?Answer »
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are located approximately 50 km south of which Arab Capital?Answer »

    An ostrich's eye is bigger than its _________.Answer »
  • How would 71 be shown in roman numerals ?Answer »

    Dhaka is the capital of which country ? Answer »
  • Where in India did a major industrial accident occur in 1984?Answer »

    Which 2004 film featured Jared Leto and Colin Farrell?Answer »
  • Who is known as "Topolino" in Italy ?Answer »

    Which city do soccer team Aston Villa come from?Answer »
  • Who steals the violin in "The Red Violin" ?Answer »

    Which E.U. country's population is 30% less today than it was 150 years ago?Answer »
  • What is the technical name for the cloud formation commonly known as a thunderhead?Answer »

    A 2007 Robyn song begs the question "who's that" what?Answer »
  • Who became absolute leader of Spain in the 30's after a civil war?Answer »

    In the TV show, what did Tonto call the Lone Ranger ?Answer »
  • What can be the name of a hat and a member of a cricket team?Answer »

    Who lent his vocals to a Chemical Brothers song called "Setting Sun"?Answer »
  • What was the first music video shown on MTV?Answer »

    MCS So Long Farewell- I wonder why she's so fragile and I wonder why she (blank) (blank)Answer »
  • Which mountain range's name means "abode of snow" in the local language?Answer »

    What is the place where projectors are used to show the night sky?Answer »
  • Which is the only US state to begin with the letter 'P'?Answer »

    NHL teams: Pittsburgh ________?Answer »
  • What of creature is a muntjac ?Answer »

    Which purple precious gem is the birthstone for February?Answer »
  • Who is the Lord of Rivendell and Arwens father?Answer »

    What kind of aircraft was the World War II Horsa?Answer »
  • Which province, in Canada, has the largest amount of ski resorts?Answer »

    Who sent his ninety-five theses to Pope Leo X?Answer »
  • What is the highest mountain in the USA?Answer »

    What is the actors name that plays Sally in home and away?Answer »
  • What city is headquarters for Zero Population Growth and the Impotence Institution of America?Answer »

    What affliction did Helen Keller have that caused her to become blind and deaf?Answer »
  • Zorro is Spanish for which animal ?Answer »

    What nickname did Fonzie give Joanie on "Happy Days"?Answer »
  • In which year did Fernando Gonzalez first appear in the top 10 of the ATP rankings?Answer »

    What U2 song reads "....Have you come to raise the dead"?Answer »
  • What plant's meltdown was dubbed "Russian Roulette" by nuclear power wags?Answer »

    Besides Hello & Good-bye, the Hebrew word Shalom also means _______ ?Answer »
  • Dating back to the 9th century , where is the Mosque of Samarra located ?Answer »

    If you go to what hamburger company will you find?Answer »

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