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The figures in Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" worked as what?
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    Plymouth is (or was) the capital of which british territory?Answer »
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    Which poisonous gas is given off from a car exhaust?Answer »
  • What dinosaur name means "fast thief?"Answer »

    Which ocean covers approx. one third of the earth's surface?Answer »
  • Which company makes and sells the iPod?Answer »

    In a fine restaurant, who is the person that has extensive knowledge and can advise you on wines ?Answer »
  • who is rene cotyAnswer »

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    Which city is Seattle's sister city in Japan?Answer »
  • Malleus, Incus and Stapes are bones in which part of the human anatomy?Answer »

    In which European country would you find Tuscany?Answer »
  • In golf what is the term for two over par?Answer »

    Complete the Doctor Who episode title: The End of Time ____ ___Answer »
  • What is the hardest natural substance known to man?Answer »

    The Greek letter sigma is used in relation to what kind of mathematical operation?Answer »
  • In Japanese a "ringo" is not a Beatle, but a word meaning what ?Answer »

    Which type of transport did John Outram invent in 1775?Answer »

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