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Who was the wife of Louis XVI?
Answer:  Check»

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    What fruit used to be called the "apple of love" or "love apple?"Answer »
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    Saddam Hussein was the President of which country?Answer »
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  • Who was the sexy, blonde, 22-year old French starlet in "And God Created Women" (1956) ??Answer »

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    What color do you get by mixing blue and red?Answer »
  • According to Billboard's top 100 songs of all time, what is the #1 song? (by Chubby Checker)Answer »

    What swiss district have carrot cake as its most typical food?Answer »
  • Which country offered its presidency to Albert Einstein in 1952, which he declined ?Answer »

    In which country are Audi cars produced?Answer »
  • What is the name of the national airline of Israel?Answer »

    Which city on earth, looks the brightest from space?Answer »
  • In which country were the 1992 summer olympics held ?Answer »

    What do humans have 52 of in a lifetime, 20 of which are deciduous?Answer »
  • What's the Greek name for hell?Answer »

    Which country is known by its inhabitants as Suomi?Answer »

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