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Brussels sprouts are most commonly what color?
Answer:  Check»

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  • According to a popular legend, he discovered Florida while searching for the Fountain of YouthAnswer »

    What song did Chazz want to skate to in 2007's "Blades of Glory"?Answer »
  • With what is the Australian organization known as the A.F.D.A. mostly concerned?Answer »

    What name was given to the race of one eyed giants in Greek Mythology?Answer »
  • In which country is Lake Como located?Answer »

    Who did Heather Mills marry in June 2002?Answer »
  • In an alphabetical list of all the world's countries, which one comes last on the list ?Answer »

    which greek historian wrote about the peloponesian war?Answer »
  • What american musician, singer, and songwriter is nicknamed: "The Boss"?Answer »

    Who was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts?Answer »
  • The Earth weighs about 5882 million tons. What takes 0.002% of it?Answer »

    Who directed the film 'The Godfather'?Answer »
  • What was the final destination of the first U.S. paddle wheel steamboat, which departed from Pittsburgh? Answer »

    Which dog breed is named after an english king?Answer »
  • Which European capital boasted the first discotheque ?Answer »

    Which London railway station is named after a battle with Napoleon?Answer »
  • What is it called when a player scores three goals in a single gameAnswer »

    what leader was assissinated in 1984 in senegal?Answer »
  • Which two US States have the most cubic millimetres of rain per year?Answer »

    What term means "An Arrangement Of Cloth" or "Cloth used for decorative purposes"?Answer »
  • Apple, celery and walnuts added to mayonnaise to make which salad?Answer »

    Traditional Japanese robes are called what?Answer »
  • How many moves are there in a chess game in which White opens and wins with Fool's Mate?Answer »

    To what trade had highwayman Dick Turpin been apprenticed?Answer »
  • Married singing duo, Sonny & Cher had a daughter, "Chastity". After her sex change, what is his name now?Answer »

    Zymase is a natural catalyst which acts on glucose to produce which drug?Answer »
  • Which country was once called New France?Answer »

    What does the 'S' stand for in 'Jesus S Christ'?Answer »
  • Who was the first nominee of the US Republican Party?Answer »

    What is the name of the plastic surgery center in the TV show "Nip/Tuck"?Answer »
  • What magician dazzled at King Arthur's court?Answer »

    Asahi Pentax SLR was what kind of device?Answer »
  • What is a vermiculturist?Answer »

    What is the circular collapsible tent of felt or skins used by Mongolian nomads?Answer »
  • What is the name of the famous cat with a poptart body flying in space?Answer »

    On which holiday do people sometimes give conversation hearts?Answer »
  • What American city is Andie, the female lead in "Step Up 2: The Streets", from?Answer »

    In which film did Roy Scheider play a sheriff and Richard Dreyfus a marine biologist?Answer »

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