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On which continent is Bhutan located?
Answer:  Check»

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    College teams in the SECAnswer »
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    What are you shopping for if you are sized up by a Brannock Device?Answer »
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  • What did four million prisoners die mining for in Stalin's Kolyma forced labor camp?Answer »

    What are the motorized rickshaws in Bangkok more commonly known as?Answer »
  • Constantinople and Byzantium are two previous names for which present city?Answer »

    What actress was dumped as Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend for the third installment of the Transformers series?Answer »
  • Among the "Desperate Housewives", which actress has a masters degree in psychology?Answer »

    Plymouth is (or was) the capital of which british territory?Answer »
  • Who authored " The Starry Messenger" in 1610 ?Answer »

    How do you call the opposite sriking end of a hammer?Answer »
  • What island has endured Mount Etna's wrath over 140 times?Answer »

    He is said to be the author of the epic poems the Iliad and the OdysseyAnswer »
  • Which musician did the soundtrack to Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" ?Answer »

    What is a lupin ?Answer »
  • Who is the main protagonist in the 2005 animation film "Robots"?Answer »

    What is the colorful alternate name for the card game 21?Answer »
  • Which Indian tribe was Geronimo a member of ?Answer »

    What was Eddie Munster's middle name from the TV show, "The Munsters"?Answer »
  • What is the most widely eaten fish in the world?Answer »

    What skin and eye colouring is associated with jaundice?Answer »
  • Who in the 1970's and 1980's made pumpkin scones famous in Australia?Answer »

    Lack of iron in the diet may cause which disease?Answer »
  • 1993 American romantic comedy film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.Answer »

    In which country is the city of Sherbrooke?Answer »
  • 'Thanks For The Memory' is the theme song of which comedian?Answer »

    What "Good" Cape will you find in the South Africa?Answer »

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