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What is the name of the national airline of Spain?
Answer:  Check»

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  • Artist/painter Rubens had 2 first names; what are they ?Answer »

    True champagne can only come from grapes grown in the Champagne region of what country?Answer »
  • Which desert is the driest on earth?Answer »

    Vocabulary: What's the word for "pleasure seeking as a way of life" ?Answer »
  • Which Australian bird does not fly?Answer »

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    How many times has actress Patsy Kensit been married?Answer »
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    In which region of France do Asterix and Obelix live ?Answer »
  • charles waitt invented this sports equipment?Answer »

    Name one or both of the Greek-Americans on a U.S. presidential ticket.Answer »
  • By what name do we better know the "Tokkô-tai" (Special Attack Squadron) which began operating in late 1944?Answer »

    What male body part did Mademoiselle magazine find to be the favorite of most women?Answer »
  • "Hairspray" is a 2007 film version of a musical based on what 1988 John Waters movie?Answer »

    What are the pyramids covered with?Answer »
  • What is the nickname of the New Zealand rugby team?Answer »

    Salzkammergut is a province of which country ?Answer »
  • Guy Fawkes, Sir Walter Raleigh, Alfred Dreyfus, John Brown, and Philippe Pétain were all convicted at one time or another of what high crime?Answer »

    Steven Moffat is the Executive Producer of two popular British shows. Name one.Answer »
  • who invented rubber?Answer »

    Who became infamous in Britain in the early-1960s for his report "The Reshaping of British Railways"?Answer »
  • Alec Baldwin was divorced from which Oscar-winning actress in 2001?Answer »

    Which footballer was also known as 'The Divine Ponytail'?Answer »
  • What bowed orchestral stringed instrument is in between the size of a viola and a bass?Answer »

    In which country is the city of Sierre?Answer »
  • In which county (UK) is the town of Lowestoft found?Answer »

    In the comedy, "Wayne's World", who played Garth ?Answer »
  • who is mitt romneyAnswer »

    Which Moscow park is mentioned in The Scorpions' song "Wind of Change" ?Answer »
  • In 1981, hundreds of thousands of Germans demonstrated against which US missiles, even though the Russians had deployed SS20 just over the border?Answer »

    Which New York borough comes from the Dutch for 'Broken Land ' ?Answer »

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