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What was the first graphical web browser available to the public?
Answer:  Check»

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  • What actor starred as Lazarus in the 2007 film "Black Snake Moan"?Answer »

    Aix-la-Chapelle was the former name for which German cityAnswer »
  • Which sport is Chris Boardman famous for?Answer »

    The 112th U.S. Congress (2011-2013) was the first since 1947 when no one with this last name served in either house.Answer »
  • What is the usual name we refer to ' NaCl ' ?Answer »

    Who was the male tennis star who won all four Grand Slams in 1962?Answer »
  • What is the nearest star to the solar system?Answer »

    Which two men authored "The Communist Manifesto" ? [last names only]Answer »
  • What is the capital of Mississippi?Answer »

    What is the capital city of Laos?Answer »
  • In which European country would you find Tuscany?Answer »

    In Which city was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born ?Answer »
  • This scenic NASCAR track is nicknamed the "Tricky Triangle" for its unusual shape and difficult driving style.Answer »

    In mythology, who flew too close to the sun, melting the wax that attached his wings ?Answer »
  • With which club did Diego Maradona make his professional soccer debut?Answer »

    This greatest Mogul emperor of India was called "The Guardian of Mankind".Answer »
  • On which river does Washington DC stand?Answer »

    Of which country was John George Diefenbaker prime minister?Answer »
  • What do you call the warm dry wind that blows down the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains?Answer »

    Which Arab country houses most of the Rub Al-Khali or Empty Quarter, the largest continuous sand desert in the world?Answer »
  • What is a male duck called?Answer »

    Who was the first emporer of rome?Answer »
  • The IceHotel, is located in what country; completely made of ice/snow/ice sculptures and is the largest ice hotel in the world (and has to be remade every winter)?Answer »

    Which continent is Benin on?Answer »
  • What is the capital of New Hampshire?Answer »

    In the 2007 movie "Reign Over Me", what is Alan's connection with Charlie?Answer »
  • Phoebe Buffet and Ross Gellar are characters from which sitcom?Answer »

    Who was the First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury?Answer »
  • How tall is tennis player and spokesmodel Maria Sharapova?Answer »

    Where is the Yucatan Peninsula ? [country]Answer »
  • The name of a movie about Joan Crawford, "Mommy ______". What is the name of this flick? Answer »

    Name the medieval European empire whose capital lay in present-day Istanbul.Answer »
  • Which 'meme' features a blond teenage boy and describes tragic or embarassing moments?Answer »

    If a planet is orbiting in the non-confromational direction it is said to be going in what?Answer »
  • What's the most common trick a pet dog can perform?Answer »

    Vladimir I, who converted to Christianity in 987, was the grand prince of which city?Answer »
  • What was another name for the Bubonic Plague?Answer »

    If H2O is water, what is D2O?Answer »
  • What ia a Verbena?Answer »

    Which model's father is a Czech basketball player?Answer »
  • who invented the marine chronometer in 1759?Answer »

    In 1996 what overtook Coca-Cola as being the most well known brand name in the world?Answer »

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