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What kind of device was the "Amstrad CPC 464"?
Answer:  Check»

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    Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson are two members of which incredibly homosexual boyband?Answer »
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    In Homer's "The Iliad", who fell in love with Helen of Troy?Answer »
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    Who learn about history by objects and structures found while digging?Answer »
  • Who wrote the novel Around the World in Eighty Days?Answer »

    1998 computer-animated film with voices by W. Allen, J. Lo, S. Stallone, S. Stone, and many more.Answer »
  • What does 'androphobic' mean?Answer »

    In the 2010 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial (Governor) Election, how many counties out of 67 did the eventual winner, Tom Corbett, not win?Answer »
  • We humourously refer to the ailment of diahrrea/dysentery that tourists to Mexico sometimes get as "whose revenge" ?Answer »

    What is a haboob?Answer »
  • Which singer helped to spread the 'Rastafarian movement' to a worldwide audience? Answer »

    Which song did Lulu sing in the Eurovision Song Contest?Answer »

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