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Which Jane married Gerald Scarfe?
Answer:  Check»

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  • Music: Motown Soul group: Smokey Robinson and the ________________ ?Answer »

    There are only 12 letters in the __________ alphabet; they are A E I O U H K L M N P W (hint: group of islands).Answer »
  • What do the Chinese call kwai-tsze, or "quick little fellows"?Answer »

    The classical 1960 western by John Sturges is called "The Magnificent ..what..?".Answer »
  • Who coached the German team to victory at the 2014 World Cup?Answer »

    What organ is inflamed when one has encephalitis?Answer »
  • An "N.B."notation at the end of a letter, note or message, comes from the Latin words N_____ B_______ ?Answer »

    Which 1937 animated film contains the song ‘Heigh Ho’?Answer »

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