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What is Vitis Vinifera?
Answer:  Check»

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    In English culture, a substitute for both afternoon tea and the evening meal is often called what?Answer »
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    How many months have 31 days?Answer »
  • According to the christmas carol, on the 12th day of christmas what did my true love send to me?Answer »

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    What food and drink brand is considered to be the most valuable brand in the world?Answer »
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    Music--- Name this 60's Rock group: Jay and the ______________________ ?Answer »
  • in which country was the painter El Greco born?Answer »

    Which actor plays Jesse Pinkman in the drama Breaking Bad?Answer »
  • Which European monarch reigned under the name of "Gracia Patricia " ?Answer »

    What number is significant regarding Remembrance day?Answer »
  • The Mauna Loa in Hawaii is the largest what on Earth?Answer »

    Assassinated Prime Minister Rabin was from which country?Answer »
  • Who invented the atomic bomb?Answer »

    In Disney's " Lady & the Tramp", what kind of dog is Lady ?Answer »
  • Which famous guitarist was shot dead on stage, whilst performing in December 2004?Answer »

    In what country is the region known as Thessaly ?Answer »
  • What is the theory that explains the large scale motion of Earth's crust?Answer »

    Which dog breed is named after an english king?Answer »
  • What is energy from the internal heat of the Earth called?Answer »

    What kind of creature is a natterjack?Answer »
  • In music, what do you call the change from soprano or alto to tenor or bass which takes place in a boy's voice during adolescence?Answer »

    In 1942, what was the biological warfare test site by British military scientists?Answer »
  • Which London railway station is named after a battle with Napoleon?Answer »

    Punto Arenas International airport is in which country?Answer »
  • What man-made world wonder is 6400km long?Answer »

    Brainteaser: 57 = H V ?Answer »
  • Which English physicist discovered the neutron?Answer »

    Built from wood, the immense Hughes H-4 Hercules plane was also known as the ________ ____________ ?Answer »
  • In public finance, what does VAT stand for?Answer »

    What is the nickname of the Guns n' roses lead guitarist?Answer »
  • Chernobyl is in which modern day country?Answer »

    The song "Change The World" was recorded by what band or artist?Answer »
  • What nationality is singer K D Lang ?Answer »

    The Coast _______ is the tallest tree in the world (they grow in the Pacific Northwest of Canada to N. California).Answer »
  • What soft drink did Britney Spears endorse from 2001-2002?Answer »

    What will fall off of the Great Sphinx in 200 years due to pollution and erosion, according to scholar Chikaosa Tanimoto?Answer »

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