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In which movie did Bruce Willis make his big screen debut?
Answer:  Check»

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  • Green Day: 21st Century (blank)Answer »

    What university is the setting of the book/movie "Love Story" ?Answer »
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    In one of Shakespeare's plays, who are the "two gentlemen of Verona"?Answer »
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    A 'squab' is the young of which kind of animal ? [hint: a bird]Answer »
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  • What was the name of Princess Diana's second husband who died along with Diana in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997?Answer »

    Evanna Lynch made her film debut as whom in 2007's "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"?Answer »
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    The Danish Vikings conquered a city and renamed it Jórvík, what is its name today?Answer »
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    What sports team holds the record for the longest streak of seasons without consecutive winning seasons?Answer »
  • Who was the Sundance Kid in "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" ?Answer »

    Which word can you put after 'red', 'chain', 'love' and 'cover'?Answer »
  • Which legendary street skateboarder invented the 360 flip?Answer »

    Top Gear host who has a column in the Sun newspaper?Answer »
  • What was 11th-century Spanish military leader Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar better know as?Answer »

    Who did the 9/11s?Answer »
  • Who directed such films as Barry Lyndon, Lolita, and A Clockwork Orange?Answer »

    What was the nickname Louis Armstrong?Answer »
  • What is the zodiac sign of the Crab?Answer »

    The juice of what plant is commonly applied to burnt or damaged skin?Answer »
  • A mantel is a shelf that goes on top of what?Answer »

    What is the first name of george W Bush's wife ?Answer »
  • AFI Love like (blank)Answer »

    What do we call the wafer of silicon that carries miniaturised circuits?Answer »
  • In what movie did the white dress of Marilyn Monroe billow upward as she stood over an air vent ?Answer »

    Which famous painter do you associate with the film Moulin Rouge?Answer »
  • Who won the Australian NRL Rugby League Grand Final in 2005Answer »

    In what country is the "Rock of Cashel" ?Answer »
  • A young singer named Robert Zimmerman chose the name 'Bob Dylan' for himself because he liked which Welsh poet ?Answer »

    Who wrote And Then There Were None?Answer »
  • Which of Disney's Seven dwarfs wears Glasses?Answer »

    What was "Mean Girls" actress Lindsay Lohan's first feature film?Answer »
  • What is the capital city of Wales, UK?Answer »

    Where are your clavicles (or collar bones)?Answer »

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