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Under what name did Dino Crocetti achieve fame?
Answer:  Check»

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    What sort of vehicle is a limousine?Answer »
  • What Greek math whiz noticed that the morning star and evening star were one and the same, in 530 B.C.?Answer »

    Name the TV show from the following characters: Salesman Gil, Lawyer Lionel, Doctor Julius and Newsreader KentAnswer »
  • How many statues (approx.) are there on Easter Island? ~~ 10 ~~ 50 ~~ 100 ~~ 1000 ~~ Answer »

    Quelle langue est ecrit dans cette question?Answer »
  • What kind of Greek bread is used in a Gyros?Answer »

    What nation of over 7,000 islands has two-thirds of its popyulation living on Luzon and Mindanao?Answer »
  • What comes after "You cut me open and I keep" in a line from a Leona Lewis song?Answer »

    What job did the 7 dwarves have?Answer »
  • Who were the 2007 NFL Super Bowl Champions?Answer »

    How many wives did Sting have by 2006?Answer »
  • The Gobi Desert is in which continent?Answer »

    What was the trade of Thomas Wolsey's father?Answer »
  • Which Academy Award-winning actor's father was poet laureate of Great Britain (1967 to 1972) ?Answer »

    In the english version of the song "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!", you should live your life like a what?Answer »
  • Which scientist was known as the 'father of the Soviet H-bomb'?Answer »

    What cheese's name literally means "recooked" in Italian?Answer »
  • What number does the Roman numeral D stand for?Answer »

    Who was the first President of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 1987?Answer »
  • Who were the beaten finalists in Euro 2000?Answer »

    How is the country of > Österreich< called in English ?Answer »
  • What kind of weapon is a trebuchet?Answer »

    In 1962, what was the first living creature ever ejected from a supersonic aircraft which parachuted from 35,000 feet to a safe landing on earth?Answer »
  • What Aesop animal assumed that the grapes beyond his reach must be sour anyway ?Answer »

    "Lean Mean Thirteen" was published in 2007 by which author?Answer »
  • Who adds vocals to "Alive Alone" by The Chemical Brothers?Answer »

    Mozart's first name was?Answer »
  • There are four valuable _?_ between Liberia and Nigeria.Answer »

    Which vegetable is a Welsh emblem?Answer »
  • Which big-name French movie star of the 1950's, 60's & 70's was France's version of Humphrey Bogart ?Answer »

    Guinevere was King Arthur's queen and whose lover ?Answer »
  • This Japanese centre-right party is expected to win by a wide margin in the 2012 election.Answer »

    Which mountain (dome) was formed by the large 1912 volcanic eruption in alaska?Answer »
  • What is the female term equating to a phallic symbol?Answer »

    Built from wood, the immense Hughes H-4 Hercules plane was also known as the ________ ____________ ?Answer »
  • whats the longest river in the worldAnswer »

    Mungo Jerry had a One-Hit wonder with a song about this season called " In the _______________" ?Answer »
  • What is Australia's most easterly mainland town?Answer »

    In which country is the city of Darjeeling?Answer »

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