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Which famous band, formed in 1976, consists of Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr?
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    Top Gear host who has a column in the Sun newspaper?Answer »
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    A fortified vault building which is used to store a large portion of the US official gold reserves.Answer »
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    What animal has 3 eyelids to protect its eyes from blowing sand?Answer »
  • David Holmes wrote a score for what film, only to have his work rejected?Answer »

    What is the capital of Mississippi?Answer »
  • Movie title of the 1984 horror "classic" : A Nightmare on _______ Street" ?Answer »

    Adelaide Brookes was the first woman to do what?Answer »
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    In what film does Will Smith play a "date doctor"?Answer »
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    What quantum theorist is chiefly responsible for the Copenhagen Interpretation of modern physics?Answer »
  • In Alices' Adventures in Wonderland, who said: ''Off with her head''?Answer »

    How old was boxer Cassius Clay when he first became Heavyweight Champion of the World?Answer »
  • What symbol did St. Patrick use to explain his theory of the Holy Trinity?Answer »

    Which link between England and France was opened in the 90's?Answer »
  • who is the poet that wrote "The rime of the ancient mariner"?Answer »

    What was famous bullfighter Manuel Benitez Perez's professional sports name ?Answer »
  • In what American city were the 1996 Summer Olympics held?Answer »

    Where is Britain's Royal Observatory?Answer »
  • This belief encouraged people to overcome their limits of the mind and reach out and embrace the beauty of the universeAnswer »

    Which golfer, born 1929, had a massive band of followers called "Arnies Army"?Answer »

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