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Which church leader had 57 children by 16 of his 55 wives?
Answer:  Check»

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  • There are only 12 letters in the __________ alphabet; they are A E I O U H K L M N P W (hint: group of islands).Answer »

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    Where is the largest library in the world?Answer »
  • Pop, Kayak, and A santa at NASA are examples of what?Answer »

    What is a blanket with sleeves called?Answer »
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    Since 1969 who is the only man apart from Stephen Hendry to have won 4 successive World Snooker Championships?Answer »
  • "Linger", "Zombie", "Dreams", "Animal Instinct" are all 90's hit songs by this Irish band ___________(named after a berry).Answer »

    What does A.S.A.P. stand for?Answer »
  • What is minestrone?Answer »

    Who sang " Bat Out of Hell" ?Answer »
  • How many signs are there in Western Astrology?Answer »

    Who was the 256th pope of the Roman Catholic Church?Answer »
  • What was the first atomic submarine?Answer »

    By which fruit do we refer to the city of New York ?Answer »
  • What ia a Verbena?Answer »

    How many old pennies were there in a guinea?Answer »
  • Who won the 1996 Olympic gold in women's table tennis singles?Answer »

    What natural element is known for his magnetic properties?Answer »
  • Don Giovani" is a 1787 opera by which composer ?Answer »

    What are escargots?Answer »
  • Which sign of the zodiac is represented as a man pouring water from a jug?Answer »

    Where would one visit the Sea of Tranquility?Answer »
  • This communist nation was ruled in its entirety by President Mohammad Najibullah.Answer »

    The Eric Clapton song "Layla" is about his love interest in which of the Beatles' wife?Answer »
  • Double Gloucester And Stilton are two cheeses layered in which English cheese?Answer »

    Who was married to Marie Antoinette?Answer »
  • The London Underground first ran in 1863 from Paddington to which Street?Answer »

    How many 'Horsemen of the apocolypse' were there?Answer »
  • What does the word 'Stalin' mean?Answer »

    This device is used by musicians when practicing in order to maintain a constant tempoAnswer »
  • What is the national drink of Greece?Answer »

    "Plop plop, fizz fizz, what a relief it is!" was an advertising slogan for which antacid?Answer »
  • What have these in common: Job, Judges and Habakkuk?Answer »

    What company hyped its Jaguar as the first 64-bit gaming system, because it had two 32-bit processors running in parallel?Answer »
  • Old time rock&roll group: Sam the Sham and the _____________ ?Answer »

    Who was the Catholic deacon and preacher who founded the Order of Friars Minor, more commonly known as the Franciscans?Answer »
  • In mythology, what beautiful youth yearned for the love of his own reflection ?Answer »

    Which famous computer game invented by Alexi Pajitnov celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009?Answer »
  • In the famous 1984 song, who "just called to say I love you?"Answer »

    What is a lupin ?Answer »

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