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In which year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
Answer:  Check»

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  • In the Resident Evil films, what is the first and last name of the character played by Milla Jovovich? (Hint: This character does not exist in the Resident Evil games.)Answer »

    Who steals the violin in "The Red Violin" ?Answer »
  • 60's rock group "Dion and the _____________"Answer »

    The musical play/movie "Mamma Mia" is based on the songs of whom ?Answer »
  • How many letters are there in the Greek alphabet?Answer »

    How old was Sir Edmund Hillary when he climbed Everest in 1953?Answer »
  • How is Tsar Ivan IV of Russia (1530-1584) known as?Answer »

    In which city was "The Full Monty" set ?Answer »
  • What is the name of the personal avatar one can create on the Wii?Answer »

    What is 945 - 22?Answer »
  • Who was the Roman goddess of hunting?Answer »

    What is the name of the strong hot dry wind that blows in the winter from the deserts of southern California toward the Pacific Coast?Answer »
  • What is the calling code of Scotland? Answer »

    Who declared E = mc2Answer »
  • What was "Calamity Jane" to the golf world?Answer »

    On April 1, 1984 , singer Marvin Gaye was shot to death by what family member?Answer »
  • Who won back-to-back Indy 500's in 1953 and 1954?Answer »

    What does a bad workman always blame?Answer »
  • Complete this analogy. the Treaty of Versailles was to Germany as the Treaty of __________ was to Austria.Answer »

    By what nickname is the australian rugby union football team known ?Answer »
  • In what year did Barry McGuigan first win the WBA Championship title?Answer »

    Which famous gardener helped landscape Blenheim and Stowe?Answer »
  • Bob Geldof organized Live Aid to provide food for which country?Answer »

    What American thick soup contains chicken, beef and pork?Answer »
  • How old was Mary Shelley when she wrote the novel "Frankenstein" ?Answer »

    Apollo 11 crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and who?Answer »
  • Who coined the terms "global village" and "Gutenberg galaxy" ?Answer »

    Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?!Answer »
  • In which country was the childrens stroy The Pied Piper of Hamlin set?Answer »

    Which Edward became UK prime minister in 1970?Answer »
  • Who wrote the novel "The Old Devils"?Answer »

    What is the colorful alternate name for the card game 21?Answer »
  • Which scientist first tested the spontaneous generation hypothesis?Answer »

    Which Middle Eastern country's highest elevation point is Haji Ibrahim at 3,600 meters?Answer »
  • What is the meaning of the word "koala" ?Answer »

    2009 World Series ChampionsAnswer »
  • What was the first commercial super computer?Answer »

    What lake is nicknamed "The Hungarian Sea"?Answer »
  • Who did Larry Holmes twice lose to in decisions?Answer »

    How many lungs do insects have? (text please)Answer »
  • British car and motorboat racer, the only person to set both land and water speed records in the same year (1964).Answer »

    Which cartoon character owns a dog called Snowy ?Answer »

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