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Juan Carlos is the reigning King of which country?
Answer:  Check»

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    Which vegetable contains the highest sugar content?Answer »
  • Social Distortion Ball and Chain lyrics: "Well I sit and I pray, in my (blank) (blank) (blank)Answer »

    What is the name of the hard felt hat with a rounded crown frequently associated with Charlie Chaplin?Answer »
  • This greatest Mogul emperor of India was called "The Guardian of Mankind".Answer »

    What golf course hosted the 1997 Ryder Cup?Answer »
  • Fleetwood Mac's first #1 european single is was named after which bird?Answer »

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    Confucius say "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig _ _ (2 words)Answer »
  • Who learn about history by objects and structures found while digging?Answer »

    Which two wrestlers faced off in a title for title match at Wrestlemania VIAnswer »
  • Who is known for creating the Apple, Inc. logo?Answer »

    What is the breakdown of a material by separation of the layers of which it is composed called?Answer »
  • What country was Sibelius from?Answer »

    In 1995 which UK political party leadership was contested by two Johns?Answer »
  • Who stars in the Disney movie "Life Size" as a doll who comes to life?Answer »

    Which TV programme consists of chefs producing a dish from a limited list of ingredients against the clock?Answer »
  • Andy Warhol was known for his bright hair of which color?Answer »

    What year was Eiffel Tower completed in Paris?Answer »

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