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Who sings the theme song for the TV series "Smallville"?
Answer:  Check»

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  • Built from wood, the immense Hughes H-4 Hercules plane was also known as the ________ ____________ ?Answer »

    In the movie "The Ultimate Gift", how many tasks does Jason need to perform?Answer »
  • Which famous empire fell in 476 AD when its leader was deposed by a Germanic tribesman named Odacer?Answer »

    Who is the Israeli paranormalist living in England known for his trademark television performances of spoon bending and other supposed physical effects?Answer »
  • Idi Amin seized power in which country?Answer »

    Which London palace was destroyed by fire in 1936?Answer »
  • What is the currency of Australia?Answer »

    Married singing duo, Sonny & Cher had a daughter, "Chastity". After her sex change, what is his name now?Answer »
  • What mountain range runs from Tunisia to Morocco?Answer »

    Which female Korean figure skater won the gold medal in the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver?Answer »
  • The Aruba island belongs to which country?Answer »

    Daffy is a term most commonly used in which sport?Answer »
  • According to the song title and lyrics, Eddie Money has 2 tickets to ________.Answer »

    Which wife gave Henry the VIII the male heir that he wanted ?Answer »
  • Who is the lead singer of the band Dire Straits ?Answer »

    A girl with a sunset behind her is on the cover of what Yellowcard album?Answer »
  • Which Britney Spears album came out first?Answer »

    What cat has no tail?Answer »
  • In which country is the city of Kabwe?Answer »

    In the solar system which is the third planet from the sun?Answer »
  • Who is the master of the goblins in "The Spiderwick Chronicles"?Answer »

    Who wrote "A Brief History of Time" ?Answer »
  • What nationality was Copernicus ?Answer »

    What African animal kills more people, lions or crocodiles?Answer »
  • Whose song is : "Walk on the Wild Side" ?Answer »

    Singer Shania Twain is from what country?Answer »
  • Who plays the New York City psychiatrist in the movie "The Prince of Tides"?Answer »

    What ia a "bilby" ?A type of: bird---marsupial---whip---toolAnswer »
  • Which physicist who contributed to the development of Soviet nuclear weapons was also a civil rights campaigner?Answer »

    What continent boasts the most telephone lines?Answer »
  • What year was General Douglas MacArthur relieved of his command in Korea?Answer »

    From what country does " Stella Artois" beer originate ?Answer »
  • Which Oscar winning film of the 1996 is about a concert pianist who suffers a mental breakdown?Answer »

    Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the ______!Answer »
  • What is the electronic component made up of two conductors separated by a dialectric?Answer »

    How many 'Horsemen of the apocolypse' were there?Answer »
  • What was the maiden name of Jacqueline Kennedy/Onassis ?Answer »

    In snooker what is the term when a player is unable to take a direct shot without striking a ball out of the required order?Answer »
  • A John Hughes film in which the brat pack of the '80s find themselves spending a day in Saturday detention. Don't you forget about them. Answer »

    What is the fourth-longest river in Africa, and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa?Answer »

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