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Which capital city is situated on the River Liffey?
Answer:  Check»

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  • What Mercury astronaut had a pulse rate of 170 at lift-off-John Glenn, Alan Shepard or Gus Grissom?Answer »

    On the cover of the ''Let It Be'' album, which Beatle had the least amount of facial hair?Answer »
  • What African country is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique?Answer »

    Who composed the Enigma Variations?Answer »
  • What was the flagship of the First Fleet, which arrived in Port Jackson, Australia in January, 1788?Answer »

    Of what is this a description "....gravity is strong enough to prevent all matter and radiation, including light, from escaping"?Answer »
  • Mature lady sacked from Strictly Come Dancing 2009 (UK)Answer »

    What was the great discovery made in 1922 by Howard Carter and Lord Caernarvon?Answer »
  • Which future US president did Jacqueline Bouvier marry in 1953?Answer »

    Who is famous for eating spinach?Answer »
  • Who wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?Answer »

    Bi Rain who stars in the movie Ninja assasin is from which country?Answer »
  • In the arts, what do you call a sculptured figure which projects only short distance from the background?Answer »

    In which country did fireworks originate?Answer »
  • What is the term for a body of shallow salt water separated from the deeper sea by a sandbank or coral reef?Answer »

    What color light is on the port side of a vessel (boat) ?Answer »
  • Name the chaos-theoretical effect that applies to systems which are sensitive to initial conditions.Answer »

    Who recorded the album 'Parklife'?Answer »
  • Which Beatles' song, that has some French lyrics in it, was the 1966 Grammy Song of the Year ?Answer »

    Another common name for the Netherlands would be..?Answer »
  • Which wife gave Henry the VIII the male heir that he wanted ?Answer »

    According to Freud, the psyche is made up of three parts: The id, the ego, and what third part?Answer »
  • What is the capital of Nigeria?Answer »

    Only one of the Beatles had blue eyes, which one ?Answer »
  • Guinevere was King Arthur's queen and whose lover ?Answer »

    Who wrote the children's book Green Eggs and Ham?Answer »
  • What is the name of the husband of queen Elizabeth IIAnswer »

    What sort of storm is shaped like a funnel and is very destructive when it touches down?Answer »
  • What is a tone of photography which results from or gives the effect of age?Answer »

    The juice of what plant is commonly applied to burnt or damaged skin?Answer »
  • What was Malcolm X's real last name?Answer »

    What is a dactylogram?Answer »
  • Who was Henry VIII's last wife?Answer »

    Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, and Ruben Studdard all were the winners of what television show?Answer »
  • What sport involves waving a red cape at a dangerous animal?Answer »

    Eukaryotic unicellular microorganisms, or fungi, used in baking and brewery.Answer »
  • What is the name of the long staff with an iron tip used in mountaineering?Answer »

    Mount Logan is the highest mountain of which country?Answer »
  • Until the country's division, what was the capital of Yugoslavia?Answer »

    What plant can be HT, floribunda or a rambler?Answer »
  • Who was the first man to reach the South Pole? Answer »

    The movie, "The King's Speech", was about which 'stuttering' British King ?Answer »

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