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Three free multiplayer rooms are open.
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Picture Trivia:
The coolest picture trivia on the web. Simple answers to simple questions :)
Classical Trivia Game:
Be the first to answer the trivia question. 6 points are needed to win the game. After entering the room, you may determine the category from which the questions are taken. To do this, click the left on the left name panel.
Chaos Game:
A category with many answers is displayed. Simply find as many answers as you can. First to reach 21 points, won.

Multiplayer Trivia on - How does it work? is a new online trivia website. Unique in the sense that there are no multiple choice answers. The online quizzes are chat-based, either you know it, or you don't ! Simply answer the online trivia questions by typing in your answers.  
When you enter the online quiz room, you will see a list of room participants to the right (along with their location, and score).
Each room has a scoring goal (points to win). The first player to reach goal, won the online trivia game, and the game will restart.
By answering online trivia questions you earn ChaosTrivia Dollars (CT$), a very respectful currency!

* Three online trivia styles exist:
A round based online trivia game. After each round, there is a short break. At each round, the question (termed as "category")
contains at least 15 predefined answers. The user to be first to find any of them will earn one point. Also, his answer will appear in yellow.

The good old trivia game. One correct answer for every question, be the first to answer.

New!    PICTURE TRIVIA    New!
Multiplayer Picture Trivia. True fun. Just tell us what you see. Can't be simpler than that.

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Please pay attention:

  • would highly appereciate your contributions. One can contribute by defining new chaos categories, as well as adding answers to existing categories, by clicking the link shown after the round results are reported. Also, one may contribute single trivia questions and multiquestion quizzes.
  • Please do not use profanity or any other kind of abusive language, treat the other players with respect, or else you will be kicked & banned, your account will be terminated and your ISP will be notified
  • our online trivia is optimized for Internet explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, and Chrome 1. All other browsers mightly exhibit poor performance.