operator commands

Operator commands for public ( and owned rooms:
/k [username] [comment]kick a user with an optional comment
/kb [username] [comment]kick and ban a user with an optional comment
For unbanning a user, use the control panel
/msg [username] [messagetext]send username a private message.
Any user can repond in the same manner to
an operator, but not to other users.
/IP [username]gets user's IP address.
/Break [duration]Sets duration in seconds between categories/questions.
/Round [duration]Sets duration in seconds during categories/questions.
/HintWhipers you the right answer (Trivia only).
/BadMark Current question as bad (Trivia only).
/Topic [1 - 12]Set Topic for questions (Trivia only).
/Diff [0 - 3]Sets room's difficulty level (0 = All).

Operator commands for owned rooms:
/tit [title]Set the room's title
/mute [user]mute/unmute an annoying user
/+ [user]grant user a point (in case he was close enough >)
/- [user]deduct user a point
/skipskip a category/question you don't like
/pausepause/resume a game in progress
/start(re)start game. reset all scores.