Playing on is fun, free, and simple! is a new multiplayer web-based trivia game.
Two game styles exist:


The game is round based, where a single round is one minute of trivia action, a report, and one minute of rest. The round's question, termed as "category", have at least 15 predefined answers. Any user first to find an answers is granted a point. A correct answer will appear in orange.

The good old trivia game. One correct answer for every question.

For each game style, one can play in two game modes: (1) Individual, where each player is scoring for himself, (2) Team Play, where the players score for their team. Each room has a scoring goal, Shown in its title. The first player (team) reaches the goal, won the game, and the game will restart.
To start playing, simply register and then click "join" to one of the available rooms described in the home page. If you still have questions/remarks, experiencing technical problems, or you would like to address us in any manner, please enter the Newcomers room where an operator would gladly assist you. Alternatively, you could also use the contact page.

Please pay attention:

  • * A user who does not type anything during 3 minutes will be kicked out of the room.
  • * would highly appereciate your contributions. One can contribute by defining new trivia questions, as well as adding answers to existing categories, by clicking the link shown after the round results are reported.
  • * Please do not use profanity or any other kind of abusive language, treat the other players with respect, or else you will be kick & banned,
  • your account will be terminated and your ISP will be notified
  • * The services offered require a great deal of bandwidth, and is not cheap to maintain at all . If you enjoy it, please consider to upgrade your account to operator status. By this you will enjoy extra cool features, and assure that will keep running, grow further and offer more new exciting multiplayer real-time trivia games.

We wish you a good time playing on!