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Is the corncrake a bird, mammal or reptile?

Bird Is the corncrake a bird, mammal or reptile?
The answer is: Bird

The Corn Crake (Crex crex), or landrail is a small bird in the family Rallidae.
Its breeding habitat is not marshes as with most crakes, but, as the name implies, meadows and arable farmland. It breeds across Europe and western Asia, migrating to Africa in winter. The adult Corn Crake is 22–25 cm (8.6–9.8 in) long with a wingspan of between 46–53 cm (19–21 in). It weighs between 125–210 g (4.5–7.5 ounces). It has mainly brown, heavily spotted upper parts, a blue-grey head and neck, and reddish streaked flanks. It has a short bill and shows chestnut wings and long dangling legs in flight. The sexes are similar, but in the immature bird the blue-grey is replaced by buff. The downy chicks are black, as with all rails.

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